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    Ryan Cook of Saw Valley - Tools I use everyday for Chainsaw Carving
    Ryan Cook gives us a detailed rundown of his favorite tools and methods. To see more of his work and more info about Ryan, visit

    Andrew Daniels of From A Seed - 6 Easy Textures
    Andrew demonstrates 6 easy textures with Saburrtooth shank tools. To see more of his work and his tools, visit

    Sadie Mae of The Awesome Orange - Mohagany & White Oak Bread Bowl
    Sadie Mae creates a unique and beautiful bread bowl using a variety of Saburrtooth tools. For the full rundown on the project and to see some of her other incredible builds, visit

    Sadie Mae of The Awesome Orange - Bubbly Bar Cabinet Build
    Sadie Mae builds a bubbly bar cabinet using some of Saburrtooth shank spheres. For more info on the project and to see some of her other work, visit

    Cory Hamilton - Hammerhead Shark
    See Cory Hamilton carve an amazing hammerhead shark using a wide variety of Saburrtooth tools. Visit to see more of Cory's work

    Kris Connors - Saburrtooth burr bits review - carving eagle claws
    This video demonstrates some burr bits from Saburrtooth. This eagle is being carved out of a sycamore log. Visit to see more and learn more about carving!

    Blacktail Studio - Make a Detail Mallet — How To Woodworking — How to Make a Wood Mallet
    Step by step process on how I make my thumb-slot woodworking mallet for fine detail work. This how to video shows how to make a basic woodworking mallet, and then turn it into a comfortable detail mallet for intricate work.

    Manufacturing Marvels - Saburrtooth and Friction Coating
    Behind the scenes video of the people and the processes of Saburrtooth Tools and Friction Coating

    Crimson Guitars - 12 Hour Guitar Build
    Check out Saburrtooth Products at around the 12-minute mark
    Tools Used:
    4" Disc Wheel W/ Holes Flat Face (Coarse Grit) 7/8" Bore
    For the full crazy 12-hour build click here.